BIG 18

Poster Guidelines


Poster Guidelines



Last Date to Submit Posters for printing: March 7, 2018

Poster Instructions

  • Maximum poster size is 4ft x 4ft
  • When you pick up your posters, please show your student ID to get the 15% discount. The store is located in the village, so you can pick up your posters on the day of BIG. 
  • Please see bottom section on additional information about materials available and requirements for your pdf document. 
  • Poster Pickups Location: Suite 103-5728 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC
  • As there is a large volume of posters the company needs to print out for our event, submit your posters as early as possible to ensure they're ready in time for BIG18. 

Printing and Reimbursement


  • Printing costs for posters printed at copiesmart will be paid by the programs, for BIOF, IOP, and SFU IOGS students ONLY.
  • If you are in any of these three programs, please submit your poster files directly to info[at] in pdf format. Please indicate your name, which program you're in, and that you're printing for BIG Research Day.
  • Please note that printing costs must not exceed $120.00 before tax for this option to be availed. 

GSAT, undergrads, all other trainees

  • GSAT, undergrads, and all other trainees will need to get reimbursed by their supervisor.
  • Submit your poster at this link, in pdf format. You will receive a prompt to enter the promo code at check-out.
  • Please contact abstract.big[at] if you have not received your promo code for the same.
  • Additionally, please see 'Poster Instructions' for instructions on how to avail the general 15% student discount. 

Additional Printing Information

  • The file size needs to be the exact size you want printed.
  • If you use photoshop and illustrator, the file needs to be set up in CMYK colour palate.
  • The dpi of the file needs to be set between 200 dpi to 300 dpi.
  • For powerpoint users, the final files need to be a grouped file (need to reinsert all excel related tables and components as picture into your files). 
  • For photoshop/illustrator users, you need to flatten all the layers to create a single layer file before you save as a pdf.

Materials available and their cost per square footage with 15% discount (max size is 4’ x 4’):

  • 46 lb poster paper: $4.67
  • 46 lb photo matte poster paper: $5.52
  • Vinyl: $7.22
  • Fabric: $7.22