BIG 18

BIG Research Day


Bioinformatics, Interdisciplinary Oncology, and Genome Science & Technology

The BIG Research day is an annual tradition of the Bioinformatics Graduate Program (BIOF), Interdisciplinary Oncology Program (IOP), and Genome Science + Technology Graduate Program (GSAT) from the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Over 100 graduate students from all three programs gather to present their exciting research projects and attend seminars and workshops by academic and industry professionals. We also invite undergraduates with an interest in genomics to join us and learn about cutting edge research in this area.

Every year, the BIG Research Day has a main theme to highlight overarching ideas in genomics research. The main theme this year will be model organisms and model systems.

Basic science is an integral part of biological research, helping us better understand the intricacies of biological systems. At BIG18, we will be highlighting the research groups at UBC who work with a diverse range of model organisms and investigate biological systems using novel algorithmic approaches. 

The 8th annual BIG Research Day is happening on March 9th, 2018 at UBC, Vancouver.